2011 - Omega Writers Inc CALEB Prize - finalist in Bookseller's Choice category
   - Lolli's Apple by Tomas Fleischmann

2011 –Moonbeam Children’s Book Awards – the Gold Medal for Multicultural Non-Fiction for Young Adults
   - Lolli's Apple by Tomas Fleischmann

2011 – Galley Club of Sydney Shortlist 2011 for Excellence in Non-Standard Mono Digital Production digitally
   - On the Trail with Sally Brown by Sally Brown
   - Lolli's Apple by Tomas Fleischmann

2011 - Independent Publishers Book Awards, New York – Gold Medal for Multicultural Non-Fiction Juvenile-Teenage-Young Adult
   - Lolli's Apple by Tomas Fleischmann

2005 – Galley Club of Sydney Award for Excellence in Non-Standard Production
   - To Be or Not to Be: A Dane in Australia by Sigurd Sjoquist and Paul Skye

2004 – Galley Club of Sydney Award for Excellence in Non-Standard Production
   - The Will to Win by Rod Barrett

What We Do


You don’t have to be a war hero or a famous movie star to have a great story to tell.

We believe the best stories are true stories. Publishing your story is at the top of a lot of people’s bucket list. By all means sail down the Nile and marvel at the wonders of Machu Picchu, but whatever you do, remember to write a book about your life. There is nothing more evocative, more incredible than an honest account of one’s experiences.

We are specialist biographers for those wanting a family history as well as those whose story has commercial potential. We will capture the highs and lows, the twists and turns, and bring to life all the characters in your story. Whether it’s the story of your family, your company, or an amazing situation you found yourself in, we will create a unique, compelling book that’s simply hard to put down.

We specialise in these four areas:

1. Commercial biographies – at the publisher’s own risk
2. Personal Memoirs and Family Histories
3. Sporting Clubs and Corporate Histories
4. Oral History Service

You only get one go at something like this — why not go with the best in the business.

Long Story Short is an assortment of life stories AKA Publishing has had the privilege of publishing. In this remarkable collection of true stories, everyday Australians bring to life in their own words those incredible moments of their lives where, seemingly in an instant, everything changes. It’s all here — unbelievable luck — impulsive love — great compassion and fantastic folly.

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