2011 - Omega Writers Inc CALEB Prize - finalist in Bookseller's Choice category
   - Lolli's Apple by Tomas Fleischmann

2011 –Moonbeam Children’s Book Awards – the Gold Medal for Multicultural Non-Fiction for Young Adults
   - Lolli's Apple by Tomas Fleischmann

2011 – Galley Club of Sydney Shortlist 2011 for Excellence in Non-Standard Mono Digital Production digitally
   - On the Trail with Sally Brown by Sally Brown
   - Lolli's Apple by Tomas Fleischmann

2011 - Independent Publishers Book Awards, New York – Gold Medal for Multicultural Non-Fiction Juvenile-Teenage-Young Adult
   - Lolli's Apple by Tomas Fleischmann

2005 – Galley Club of Sydney Award for Excellence in Non-Standard Production
   - To Be or Not to Be: A Dane in Australia by Sigurd Sjoquist and Paul Skye

2004 – Galley Club of Sydney Award for Excellence in Non-Standard Production
   - The Will to Win by Rod Barrett

Georgie Gardner on Today

"Can't think of a more beautiful gift to give someone at Christmas", Georgie Gardner from Today interviews Shaun Miller's father, Cameron, to discuss An Awesome Ride.

Live on Today dated Tuesday 27th November 2012:

An Awesome Ride by Shaun Miller - book launch 02/12/12

Shaun Miller's dying wish was to publish his very own book. AKA Publishing and Shaun's family are pleased to announce An Awesome Ride will be launching on Sunday 2nd December in conjunction with a Tribute Concert at Kingston City Hall, Melbourne. Tickets can be purchased online at http://www.kingstonarts.com.au/events/list/the-shaun-miller-tribute-concert

Dial an Angel 45th Anniversary

AKA Publishing celebrated Dial an Angel's 45th Birthday Celebrations at the Dockside Function Centre, Cockle Bay Wharf, Darling Park, Sydney. Dinner for all and dancing to live music provided by the Shy Guys was on offer to all guests. Not to mention a special firework display while Founder, Dena Blackman, held her speech.

assets/newsitems/aka team 2.jpg

One One Five Book Reviews

Alan Manly, Julian Day and Graeme Brosnan’s One One Five has received many congratulatory reviews from our readers and the NSW Law Society Journal.

In his review, “Spear carriers in a production of Aida,” barrister, David Ash, gave his perspective of One One Five and its critique of litigation and lawyers. David stated that he found One One Five difficult, “…but I’m glad I finished it. It reminds us that many intelligent and adventurous souls view the legal system with contempt, and litigation with utter contempt.” He also found, “the book contains some gems” and sympathised with the protagonists.  David’s book review can be found in the November 2011 issue of the Law Society Journal, on page 90, beside Bob Campbell’s review of Michael Kirby’s A Private Life.

"Congratulations guys! A great read. I actually couldn’t put it down. Very well put together. I just thank God it wasn’t me, though it could have been. I know you had to use a false name for legal reasons, but I knew your protagonist quite well, and it was not a pleasant experience." - Graeme Philipson.

“I really enjoyed One One Five. Thank you. Should you be looking for funds for the movie, do count me in! This will be up there with The Castle. Congratulations on your tenacity and winning out at the end. And for a great book.” - Christopher Campbell.

“While I was enjoying reading “Steve Jobs," I put it aside to complete One One Five.” Dennis Furini, retired CEO, Australian Computer Society 1997-2007.


Children’s Moonbeam Award

Lolli's Apple by Tomas Fleischmann has won the Gold Medal for Best Multicultural Non-Fiction for Young Adults in the Moonbeam Children's Book Awards in the US. It is an international award. Congratulations to Tom and everyone working on getting the book read around the globe.

Tomas’ story has such a beautiful message about unconditional love, acceptance and happiness and we hope that this award and the others recently won will send these positive messages around the world for our children’s future.


Award Winning Publisher

AKA Publishing has won the 2010 Galley Club of Sydney Award for Excellence in Production and Manufacture.

AKA Publishing had two books shortlisted for this year’s Galley Awards: Lolli’s Apple and On the Trail with Sally Brown.

Lolli’s Apple Teacher Kits Now Available

We now have teacher kits appropriate for primary school children as well as high school students. The content includes video interviews with the author, Tomas Fleischmann, covering topics of the arrest, transportation, what the concentration camps were like, and how he was rescued. There is also a comprehensive photo album, of Tomas, his brother Peter and mother Lolli, and a PowerPoint Presentation including images and maps highlighting the rise of anti-Semitism in Germany. The focus is on the personal experience of Tomas against the broader Holocaust timeline. The reader’s guide includes an interview with Tomas answering most frequently asked questions during Tomas’ classroom visits.

Email  tomas@lollisapple.com for your FREE kit to accompany this remarkable story by Tomas Fleischmann.


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