2011 - Omega Writers Inc CALEB Prize - finalist in Bookseller's Choice category
   - Lolli's Apple by Tomas Fleischmann

2011 –Moonbeam Children’s Book Awards – the Gold Medal for Multicultural Non-Fiction for Young Adults
   - Lolli's Apple by Tomas Fleischmann

2011 – Galley Club of Sydney Shortlist 2011 for Excellence in Non-Standard Mono Digital Production digitally
   - On the Trail with Sally Brown by Sally Brown
   - Lolli's Apple by Tomas Fleischmann

2011 - Independent Publishers Book Awards, New York – Gold Medal for Multicultural Non-Fiction Juvenile-Teenage-Young Adult
   - Lolli's Apple by Tomas Fleischmann

2005 – Galley Club of Sydney Award for Excellence in Non-Standard Production
   - To Be or Not to Be: A Dane in Australia by Sigurd Sjoquist and Paul Skye

2004 – Galley Club of Sydney Award for Excellence in Non-Standard Production
   - The Will to Win by Rod Barrett

Creating Mosaics With Words


If you want a Do-It-Yourself memoirs, Creating Mosaics with Words by Graeme Brosnan is an extremely handy aid to get you writing.

Click here to purchase your copy.

Ever wanted to write a book, but never knew where to begin? Well, one of the first rules is don’t start at the beginning. If words are not your stock in trade this book will show you how to develop the skills you need to trawl through millions of memories in your head and convert what you want to say into a form of words on a page.

Creating Mosaics with Words explains the simple, practical, easy-to-follow method of writing a book which tells your unique story in a compelling and enjoyable way. Whether you’re twenty-eight or eighty-eight years old, this is one experience you will never forget and your story will never be forgotten.

Graeme Brosnan is AKA Publishing’s Senior Writer and Editor and is a graduate of the National Institute of Dramatic Art (NIDA) where he majored in writing, directing and production. He studied under such luminaries as George Ogilvie, George Whalley, Robin Lovejoy, Richard Wherrett and Aubrey Mellor and worked with Mel Gibson, Geoffrey Rush and Hugo Weaving. Graeme has written several plays including Conspiracy, which premiered at The Rocks Theatre, and The Investigator, which was produced at the Q Theatre. He also adapted Evelyn Waugh’s classic novel, Scoop, for the stage and has a swag full of published biographies.

One-on-One Tutoring

Another Do-It-Yourself option is to use our one-on-one online tutoring program with AKA’s head writer and editor, Graeme Brosnan. This happens at a time that suits you in the comfort of your own home or office. All you need is a computer connected to the internet, a web cam and a telephone. This program comprises an intensive half day one-on-one session plus the option for further follow-up guidance and advice should you need it. It’s the writing equivalent of having a personal trainer.

Graeme will listen to your ideas for your specific project, take into account your particular situation and background, supply techniques and advice appropriate to your skill level and use that initial half-day session to get you started.

After that initial consultation you then have the choice of opting in for more tutorials if you need further guidance. Our head writer and editor will be there to help you with the next step. Those follow-up consultations are charged on a minimum one hourly basis.

Computer with internet connection

Initial half-day session
$AU550 (including GST)/ $US500 / £UK325 *

Follow-up one hourly minimum
$AU150 (including GST) / $US135 / £UK88

* Included in the price is a free copy of Graeme’s book, Creating Mosaics with Words, which we will post to you when you sign up for the course.


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